▷Useful Care Tips For Indoor Playground Turf National City

6 Care Tips for Indoor Playground Turf In National City

Useful Care Tips For Indoor Playground Turf National City

Artificial turf is quite possibly the greatest invention of all time, seeing as it has made not only ice skating rinks but indoor playgrounds possible. No more waiting for winter to come so you can go enjoy some fun at an outdoor rink! Kids both big and small love these types of places and they’re popping up everywhere. Indoor playgrounds and turf that’s used on them need just as much care as their outdoor counterparts if we want them to last a long time.

Keep It Clean

This seems like common sense, but make sure to keep the turf clean by vacuuming often with a good quality vacuum cleaner built specifically with pet hair in mind or with a turf vacuum. Sweeping is also very important, especially after use or on days when kids are tracking in dirt or mud.

Always Have The Right Tools

This one applies more to maintenance workers who are responsible for taking care of indoor playgrounds. Make sure you always have plenty of extra brushes, brooms and other supplies on hand so that you’re ready for anything that may happen. Cleaning rags should be washed regularly and replaced if needed. It would also be wise to keep spare turf pieces on hand in case there is some sort of damage done during playtime, but make sure these pieces are easily distinguishable from the rest of the turf so no one steps on them by accident.

Read The Manual

This sounds like We are telling you to do your homework, but we can guarantee that if your indoor playground is equipped with synthetic turf, then it’s likely that the manufacturer has some specific guidelines for its care and maintenance. Save yourself time and effort by looking them up now so you’re ready just in case.

Use A Good Infill

As already mentioned, make sure you have a good quality infill on hand at all times. Even if you follow all of these tips closely, without a dependable infill  you could still end up with problems down the road or even sooner than expected.

Keep It Balanced

This one is for those of you who not only have indoor playgrounds but also outdoor ones. Artificial turf needs to be properly balanced in order to make sure that the blades stand up straight and don’t become flat or expose any of their under layer. If you ever notice a lumpy appearance on your surface, call a professional as soon as possible, otherwise the problems will continue to grow worse over time.

Inspect Regularly

Finally, as tempting as it may be to believe your equipment is impervious to damage, make sure you keep up with daily inspections. Don’t wait until something happens to see if it’s working properly, because by then it may be too late to fix it.


Taking care of your indoor playground turf doesn’t need to be hard. Keep it clean, read the manual for any specific instructions, use a good infill and inspect often, along with following these other tips and you should have no problems whatsoever. For our artificial grass services, contact our professionals from Artificial Grass National City at (619) 503-3536.