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Does Artificial Turf In National City, CA Drain Well?

Artificial Turf Drainage National CityWhile artificial turf in National City, CA is more popular than ever, many people are still unsure how it works. Drainage is one of the top concerns for many people. When a rainfall happens, will the water just sit on top of it? Is this going to cause any damage to the grass (and my property)?

Artificial Turf With Drainage Trenches

Artificial turf in National City, CA is designed with drainage trenches at the edge of each panel that allows water to drain down into the ground quickly. These trenches are equipped with a filter fabric that will keep the grass from clogging. Not all drainage trenches are created equally, so it is important to do your research and get one of the top artificial turf companies in National City, CA to ensure the best product for long-term use.

Prone To Puddles And Flooding

Proper drainage is extremely important with any lawn care installation, regardless of whether it is real or artificial grass. Standing water for any length of time can cause mold and mildew to form, which shortens the life span of the grass. This also increases your chance of slipping due to ice or mud that collects on top of the soil. Aside from synthetic grass, you also need a base layer and drainage system. Without those two, your backyard can become prone to puddles and flooding. Puddles will cause algae and fungus growth, which can cause the grass to discolor and die.

Grass Type

The type of grass you choose is very important as well. If your yard has clay soil, you will want to have a topsoil added to help with drainage before being installed. This also holds true for areas that are heavily shaded or very low-lying.

If there is not much room to work with in your yard, then having the grass laid on a slight slope might be of benefit as well. The grass will not collect as much water, and it can flow out of the yard easily.

Keep in mind that a few inches of standing water is not a problem at all. In fact, it will keep your lawn green if the drainage is completely eliminated by paving or other permanent objects installed in the yard.

Proper Drainage

No matter what kind of artificial turf you have installed in National City, CA , just remember that proper drainage is always a good idea. Make sure to check with your artificial grass installation company to ensure that they have included these drainage trenches in the design. If they don’t, ask for them to be added.

It is also important to look into the type of grass that will be used in your yard prior to installation. If it isn’t suited to handle water and/or drainage, then you might need a different option installed so that you can help prevent flooding and puddles from forming.


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