▷7 Tips To Care About Your Synthetic Grass In Winter National City

How To Care About Your Synthetic Grass In Winter In National City?

7 Tips To Care About Your Synthetic Grass In Winter National CityArtificial grass is great for a low maintenance and enjoyable outdoor space. But like all things, it needs some TLC during the winter months to make sure it stays in pristine condition. Here are seven top tips for caring for your synthetic grass during the colder season:

  1. A build-up of organic materials such as fallen leaves can cause mould or mildew growth. Make sure to regularly clear away any debris from your artificial lawn to prevent this from happening.
  2. Artificial grass is designed to withstand extreme temperatures but if you live in an area with severe cold spells then be sure to check that the temperature hasn’t dropped too low. If necessary, move items such as furniture away from the lawn to ensure that there is no prolonged contact with icy surfaces.
  3. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean that your artificial grass won’t be affected by UV rays. Consider investing in a cover for your lawn or make sure to use sun protection spray regularly to keep its colour vibrant.
  4. Weeds can still find their way onto synthetic turf in winter, so if you do need to use a herbicide then be sure to follow all instructions and apply only directly to the weeds themselves rather than using blanket coverage of the whole lawn.
  5. It may not seem like a priority in the winter but make sure to check your artificial lawn’s drainage system is operating correctly. Clogged drains can cause water to sit on top of the grass and freeze, which can cause lasting damage.
  6. Just like real grass, you may need to brush your artificial turf from time to time so that any dirt or debris doesn’t settle into the fibres and become trapped. This will also help keep it looking neat and tidy throughout the winter months.
  7. An artificial grass underlay helps protect against the frost and cold weather by providing insulation for your artificial lawn. It also helps create a softer surface for children or pets to play on.


Can I Vacuum My Artificial Grass?

Yes, you can vacuum your artificial grass using a suitable attachment so that any dirt or debris does not become trapped in the fibres. Be careful not to use too much suction as this could cause damage to the material.

Can I Pressure Wash My Synthetic Lawn?

Yes, you can pressure wash your artificial turf but be sure to use only a low setting and keep the nozzle at least 18 inches away from the surface of the grass. Also make sure it’s completely dry before walking on it again.

Why Do You Put Sand On Synthetic Grass?

Sand is used on artificial grass to help weigh it down and prevent it from moving or shifting around. This gives the lawn a more natural look and helps to keep it looking neat and tidy all year-round. It also provides additional cushioning for any activities that take place on the surface such as running, playing or even just lounging around.


It is important to remember to give your artificial grass some extra TLC during the winter months. By following these seven steps you can ensure that your synthetic lawn stays in tip-top condition all year round. For more information, contact Artificial Grass National City at (619) 503-3536.